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Integrated Grid Solutions

Powering resilient and resource secure districts, cities, and regions

Delivering High-Performance Integrated Grid Solutions

Ecala designs, builds, finances, and operates high-performance integrated grid solutions that deliver zero waste, renewable energy, closed-loop water, ultra-high speed IT, fresh food, and emissions-free vehicle infrastructure for communities of diverse scale and need.

Integrated Utility Hub™

nexus_cityEcala’s Integrated Utility Hub™ (IUH) is a high-performance neighborhood sustainability center that integrates industry leading waste-to-energy, water purification, food production, and materials recovery functions. The IUH is highly scalable and supports communities that range from remote villages to major metropolitan areas.


Integrated Utility System™

IUS mapEcala’s Integrated Utility SystemTM (IUS) is a highly coordinated district-scaled utility grid that connects the IUH to the community and public realm. The IUS optimizes energy, water, waste, IT, and mobility infrastructure as a unified system and delivers substantial economic and performance benefits to conventional grid approaches.


 A best in class waste-to-energy engineering firm

 An industry-leading water purification engineering firm

 A global leader in stationary fuel cells

 A state-of-the-art hydroponic & aquaponic system developer

 A materials recovery firm with the highest waste diversion rates in the industry

 A global leader in hydrogen generation, storage & distribution

 A national energy research agency

 Profitable infrastructure model

 Energy, water & food security

 Zero waste, zero pollution

 World-class IT infrastructure

 Improved standards of living

 Local jobs & economic retention

 Strong identity & brand


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