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Ecala Insights™

A robust consulting, planning, and management platform that guides communities to restorative success

Precision Performance Benchmarking

Ecala Insights™ (EI) is a robust consulting, planning, and management platform that benchmarks, measures, and guides communities to restorative success. It captures hundreds of data points across key social, environmental, and economic performance areas and maps them against the Restorative City Standard™, a pioneering development standard that provides the goals and vision of net-positive urban development. Utilizing proprietary algorithms, the Insights Performance Assessment™ (IPA) generates a precise score for each performance area, and when cumulated can accurately represent a community’s unique footprint in regards to its social, environmental, economic, and brand health.

Integrated Reporting

With highly detailed data on the status of a community’s performance, EI produces a cutting-edge integrated report that provide clarity on how one is positioned against current and future social, environmental, and regulatory trends. The report assesses the integration and alignment of key performance areas, incorporates true cost accounting for baseline vs restorative development scenarios, and provides strategic roadmaps for actions and strategies that deliver to the RCS’ goals.

Real-Time Scenario Planning

Once baseline performance is measured and reported, Ecala Insights™ becomes a dynamic planning tool that can map multiple scenarios in real time and calculate ripple effects across social, environmental, and economic performance areas. This helps development leaders identify and navigate risks, understand trade-offs between different initiatives, and implement actions that maximize systems-wide and long-term value creation.


A Long-Term Management Tool

Ecala Insights™ provides a long-term management solution for districts, cities, and private developers invested in resilience, prosperity, and competitiveness. EI is offered as an ongoing service to ensure improvements are made in direct alignment with restorative goals.

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